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28 Oct #City Guide : ho36 – Lyon

Certainly an effect – desirable and fully assumed – of obtaining the driving license: I love spending my evenings looking for beautiful places to go visit for a weekend with my family. A city to visit, a region to explore, a hotel or a guesthouse where to leave our suitcases …

The offer in terms of hospitality in France has been completely renewed with the emergence and creation of a new generation of hostels. It has now become super trendy to stay in a hostel when you are visiting a city. With the democratisation of flights abroad, travelers / trendsetters have brought back in their suitcases an idea of a new way to welcome the guests than in traditional hotel. Today, we look for shared moments, meeting new people, exchanging tips. And these desires have become inter-generational …

le Bar du ho36 | ©Pierrick Vierny

ho36, both a traditional hotel but also a hostel, opened in Lyon’s »Brooklyn-like » this autumn: the Guillotière (7th arrondissement of Lyon) is a cosmopolitan, dynamic and growing neighborhood which brings together a host of good and lovely spots.

ho36 is also a bar and restaurant open all day to all guests and residents of the city or just tourists who show an assumed and locavore wish. Aude Marguet the chef of the ho36 does an imaginative and affordable cuisine with a menu that changes from week to week … Once inside the place, you will instantly have the feeling to find yourself in one of these coffee shops that we can find in New York, whose we immediately think that they are the perfect embodiment of a « cool place » … the stone walls, the furniture patiently unearthed at a flea market by the architect, Alexandra Malgrain.

Un plat du restaurant - ho36 | ©Pierrick Vierny
L'escalier du ho36 | ©Pierrick Vierny
Le téléphone rouge du ho36 | ©Pierrick Vierny

But what also makes the interest of this place like no other, is the hospitality’s offer. The central staircase serves as a pivot in this dual organisation: left door , you find the hgotel’s rooms, right door are the hostel’s ones!
ho36 is as much hotel – it offers 12 hotel rooms – as hostel: there are rooms for 2, 4, 6 or 8 people. Both rooms and dormitories does not propose television or phone (to join the reception, your are welcome to use the landing’s red telephone) but offer their guests a new way to live their stay, whether in peace or in sharing: why not use the free space for residents consisting on sofas, a library and a kitchen with fridges and microwaves? Dedicated area, it will have tablets, games or game consoles. Led by Johann Milani, this space will regularly host video projections and movies dedicated to the art of travel. It can be privatized on demand.

chambre hostel - ho36 | ©Pierrick Vierny
chambre de l'hostel - ho36 | ©Pierrick Vierny
salle de bain commune - ho36 | ©Pierrick Vierny

ho36 adresses itself to travelers seeking human experiences, sharing a certain idea of travel, authentic desires of comfort, looking for various places and high added personality.
The 1000m2 on 5 floors and the vaulted basement of ho36, were renovated by Alexandra Malgrain who reworked the spaces around the central staircase. Remained as it was, it is a perfect illustration of style « rough » with multiple layers of wallpaper inherited from the past decades, with black lacquer frames. Trash n’chic.

I like as much the hotel rooms for their sleek and cozy style as the hostel’s rooms whose white walls contrast with the depth of the colors chosen for the hotel rooms. As for the bathrooms, we appreciate the ultra urban and industrial style!

ho36 | ©Pierrick Vierny
ho36 | ©Pierrick Vierny

« We wanted ho36 to be an invitation to travel, while offering an « at home » feeling; a place where we feel instinctively fine, whether we are close to home or traveling » says Alexandra

We like the ho36 because of :

– the decoration, fancy but not cheap that we can easily adapt in our home…

– the selection of eco-friendly cosmetics and body-care products: vegan liquid soap « Stop the water while using me! » in the hostel’s bathrooms; magic soaps of « Dr. Bronner »100% organic fair in the hotel and the pleasure to find them all in the hotel store with other perfumed surprises.

– the ultra cool coffee shop’atmosphere of the bar/restaurant

– the menu that changes every week.

– the cultural events that will surely spice up our evenings.

Price: from 25 € for a bed in a shared room, from 69 € for an hotel room.
Les + : kids friendly and handicapped accessible rooms, large attic room – currently available via Airbnb

For more information : ho36



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